Arlington Heights Lodge

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Accomplishing the advancement of Freemasonry and ensuring quality in the Masonic experience by initiating well qualified men, providing quality Masonic education and engaging all members in continuing Masonic fellowship and activities.

Declaration of Principles

The Arlington Heights Lodge is a fellowship of brothers united in a common pursuit of virtue. The Lodge observes traditional Freemasonry and works to cultivate an understanding of traditional societies and institutions among the brethren. The Lodge is dedicated to the preservation of traditional forms and meaningful human fellowship as a means of transmitting wisdom and improving society.

The Arlington Heights Lodge has an initiatic focus and charges the brethren to ever remember that striving to improve themselves in Masonry and assisting candidates and fellow brethren in doing the same is chief among their duties. The Lodge performs ritual in a solemn manner and every effort is made to provide the most meaningful initiatic experience for each individual candidate. The Lodge seeks to create an atmosphere that leads to a positive transformation of the individual.

The Arlington Heights Lodge believes that as the stated purpose of Freemasonry is to make good men better, a man should only be made a Freemason if he is good and is capable of being made better. Determining the qualifications of men seeking admission is essential to upholding the integrity of our ancient institution. The investigative procedures assist the brethren of the Lodge in determining the qualifications of candidates and provide the candidates with knowledge about the Lodge that they are seeking admission to.

The Arlington Heights Lodge believes that Masonic Formation is a slow and careful process that requires great care and effort on behalf of both the candidate and the brethren of the Lodge. Each brother advances at his own pace with sufficient time between degrees to engage in intellectual study and contemplation. The candidate must demonstrate notable improvement in his understanding of Freemasonry and should also present a paper before the Lodge, preferably on the lessons and symbols of his current degree, before being advanced to the next degree. Each candidate is provided with assistance as he feels appropriate for his intellectual and spiritual growth.

The Arlington Heights Lodge believes that a candidate should be able to create positive changes within his everyday life prior to becoming a Master Mason. Having to truly work, expend great effort and actually improve oneself is the only way to become deserving of this title. If this is properly observed every newly raised Master Mason will have grown into a better man and the bonds of virtue that tie together the brotherhood of humanity will have been strengthened.

The Arlington Heights Lodge highly values the fellowship and friendship that the Lodge can provide and seeks to further cultivate this by holding an Agape after the meetings. The Agape is a festive board with good food and drink consumed in token of Brotherly Love.

The Arlington Heights Lodge believes that Masonic meetings should promote the understanding of Freemasonry. Brothers present thoughtful and well researched papers before the Lodge as a service to their brethren. Papers usually discuss Masonic symbolism, history and philosophy, and focus on the spiritual path of self-transformation in the pursuit of virtue.

The Arlington Heights Lodge believes that Freemasonry teaches duty and service. Brethren are expected to attend all meetings, and if unable to do so, inform a brother or the Secretary of the Lodge of the reason in advance. Active participation instills duty and is generally rewarding in a number of ways. It keeps all the brethren connected to the Lodge and affirms that their presence is valued, cultivating awareness of their self-worth and potential.

The Arlington Heights Lodge believes that officers of a Masonic lodge should be selected based on their merit. Serving in any office within the Lodge is a privilege and not a right. Brethren are given positions of responsibility only after having demonstrated their good faith, ability to make a serious time commitment and ability to perform the necessary duties. The election of the Master is of great importance and only those brethren are considered for this honor and responsibility who are well versed in Masonic teachings, who have the resourcefulness to lead and whose personal character can serve as an example to be followed.

The goal of the Arlington Heights Lodge is the cementing of brotherhood in support of the inner transformation of each individual on the divine path toward self-mastery. The Lodge views the improvement of the individual as the most fundamental aspect of improving society.